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Just imagine how good you feel when you’re relaxing, neck deep, in swirling, soothing hot water. Well, you are not alone. For over 4000 years, people have recognized and understood the therapeutic benefits of soaking in hot water. And for the last 36 years, Canadian Hot Tubs has been making this healthy luxury a reality in the homes of people all over the world. In doing so, we have always held steadfast to the beliefs that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and that true relaxation comes from soaking in comfort - not from a lot of “bells and whistles”.

What distinguishes our hot tubs from acrylic spas is the 4’ depth, which makes for a true, deep soaking experience. Another very important feature for our customers is the comfort and freedom of movement you experience in a Canadian hot tub. As well, the aesthetics and warmth of cedar blends naturally into any backyard landscape.

Additionally, our hot tubs feature a vinyl liner. We began using liners over 30 years ago, as they solve the many problems inherent in all-wood, unlined cedar hot tubs. Just as important for today’s energy conscious consumer, the liner allows us to add an additional layer of insulation between the liner and the wood, more than doubling the insulation value of the cedar alone. All of our hot tubs come with Ayrfoil ™ reflecting insulation for the walls and floor; making Canadian Hot Tubs the most energy efficient cedar hot tub on the market.

For people who need extra height for aqua-therapy and exercise, we offer depths of up to 5 feet. Indoor installation is also possible as our hot tubs are assembled onsite, allowing them to fit through doors and down stairs.

We can customize many things…just ask.


Each Canadian hot tub is shipped as a portable, all inclusive package – no need to shop for extra parts as packages include all fasteners, equipment and supplies required.

 Canadian Hot Tub Tubspa Package

Each All-Inclusive Package Includes:

  • Classic roll top cedar cover
  • Multi-Colour LED light
  • Ayrfoil™ Reflecting Insulation for walls and floor
  • 30 ml Vinyl liner backed by a 10 year warranty
  • Digital Topside Controls
  • 4-6-10 full-size hydrotherapy jets*
  • Chemical starter package
  • 240v Digital Spa-Pak with 5.5KW electric heater, 25 sq.ft Filter Cartridge, 1, 1.5 or 3hp pump
  • 1 ½” wide stainless steel bands, all hose and valve fittings
  • Instructional manual and DVD
  • Our supportive staff to answer any

* Dependent on model

Round Hot Tubs
Package Diameter Height Capacity Seats

Muskoka 5ft round 4ft 400 gallons 2–5
Algonquin 6ft round 4ft 600 gallons 4–7
Okanagan 7ft round 4ft 1000 gallons 6–10
Total Therapy 7ft round 5ft 1200 gallons 4–7

Oval Hot Tubs top
Package Size Height Capacity Seats

Saguenay 6ft x 4ft oval 4ft 400 gallons 2–3
Manitoulin 7ft x 5ft oval 4ft 600 gallons 4–7
Tub For Two 5ft x 3ft oval 40" 200 gallons 1–2
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